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DAFnature’s commitments

Associate of Time for the Planet

This non-profit company creates and finances companies fighting against climate change at a global scale. Its mission is to raise 1 billion euros to create 100 companies that fight against climate change

1% for the planet

At least 1% of DAFnature’s annual turnover is given back to the environment through donations to associations working to protect the environment among this list.

We Act 4 Earth

this association helps making the eco-responsible engagement at work easier and more accessible to any individual wishing to improve his/her social and environmental impact.

The Director’s commitments

Editorial support at AllianceComptaRegeneration2020

Created by TEK4life, this alliance is made up of 7 colleges whose members have decided to make accounting a central lever to inform, manage, and align organizations with the ecological pressing need.

Member of the “multi-capital accounting” technical committee of Ruptur

Inspired by the blue economy concept, this association aims to initiate, develop, support and build the virtuous economy of tomorrow; it intends to create the conditions for a real environmental and societal breakthrough within the company.

Mere member of Wild Legal

The purpose of this association is to develop, through the training, study, promotion and implementation of Earth Jurisprudence, a national and international network of actors from the legal world and civil society committed to the recognition of the rights of Nature and the crime of ecocide.

Mere member of Eklore

This cultural movement of humanity at work aims to inspire and bring together those who want to give human meaning to work.